Our Commitment

Graphene has the ability to change the world we live in,

  •  Lighter aeroplanes that use a fraction of the fuel
  •  Simple desalination solutions allowing us to bring water to areas in need globally
  • Air purifiers reducing green house emission
  • Water purifiers to clean up oil spills and nuclear waste
  • Batteries that charge in ten seconds and last 100 times longer
  • Energy Storage
  • Targeted Cancer and other harmful disease treatments

These among many more are applications that Global Graphene Technologies hopes to see developed in the near future. GGT engages in mining activities and research projects in order to bring technology such as the above to our everyday lives. Our commitment is to reduce the impact we have on the environment and the communities we operate within;

  • Ensuring that our mining activities have a minimal impact on the surrounding flora and fauna  
  • Support local community projects and activities
  • Appropriate chemical waste disposal procedures
  • Provide safe and fair working conditions
  • Operate within international law and guidelines
  • Not engage in miss leading, illegal or dangerous activities
  • Provide staff members with ongoing education and training