The Queen's Mine

History of the Queen’s Mine.

Global Graphene Technolgoies are the proud owners of the prime mining site, known as The Queen’s Mine, it is located in the heart of Sri Lanka, placed in the side of a mountain and was originally opened in the early 1900s by the British, however when the British colonial period ended in 1948 the mine was abandoned, today we are proud to pick up where they left off. The mountain in which the Queen’s Mine is situated in is also referred to as ‘the graphite mountain’

The Queen’s Mine – Current Operations.

Now in its second year of operation we have carried out numerous scans, including VLF and VTEM (Courtesy of Bora Bora Resources) these scans coupled with drilling operations, allow for perfect deep mine planning. We have also confirmed a minimum of 300,000 Tons in the top 500 Meters and from the VTEM survey signs show a similar reserve to that of Kahatagaha Graphite which has been mining for over 140 years+, extracting over 300,000 Tons in that period, however now winding down production due to extreme depths. With a carefully planned mining program, production levels are plentiful and growing, with ore grades ranging from 80%-99.76%+, with HOPG (Highly Oriented/Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite) holding no impurities, 100%C.

The Queen’s Mine – Physical Characteristics.

Total area of The Queen’s Mine measures 21 Acres, with the altitude of the mouth of the mine at 347 meters above sea level. Graphite veins run in an East-West direction and the lower in depths the thicker the graphite vein becomes. Veins can measure many meters in thickness and ‘pockets’ of graphite can be as large as detached houses – the miners call these pockets ‘Aliya’ which means Elephant.

Queen’s Mine Scanning and Drilling Program.

Currently the Queen’s Mine is in production extracting 20 Tons per month. Over the next three years we will be ramping up production to 250 Tons per month via a comprehensive scanning and drilling program. Global Graphene Technologies extracts what can be said to be the best form of graphite in the world, natural high purity carbon, crystalline vein graphite. Clients from all over the world have praised the quality of graphite that is extracted from the Queen’s Mine, with the bulk of the extracted graphite having a purity of 97%+ hitting highs of 99%+ with a highly crystalline structure. In a recent joint collaboration with the Toyota Technological Institute, Japan, we were able to visualise perfect graphene sheets via SEM and STM analyses, to view the collaborative work click on the following link; Collaboration between RGlobal Graphene Technologies, Toyota Technological Institute – Japan, & Mission Vector Partners – Japan on Surface Analysis of HOPG (Highly Ordered/Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite). You can also take a look at our client feedback page to learn more about our special material. Global Graphene Technologies will shortly be carrying out VLF scanning on the whole Queens Mine anomaly, this will then be followed by the Queen’s Mine drilling program. While all of these tasks are being executed, the main shaft inside the Queen’s Mine will continue extraction as usual.  

The Queen’s Mine Location.


The Queen’s Mine VTEM Survey.


The Queen’s Mine VTEM Anomaly.