Global Graphene Technologies provides companies seeking to integrate graphite & graphene into their supply chain with the ability to outsource their research & development (R&D) to an experienced commercial team of specialists.

Add Sri Lankan Graphite to your Product Mix

The unique properties of Sri Lankan crystalline vein graphite make it a strong candidate for boosting performance across a wide range of commercial applications.  Improvements that can be achieved include –

  • Increased tensile strength
  • Greater conductivity
  • Reduced overall mass 
  • Fuel savings
  • Faster processing

Working with GGT’s Consultants

GGT provides clients with tailored R&D consultation services to incorporate Sri Lankan graphite and graphene into their product mix.  Clients can outsource their R&D in a cost-effective manner and know that some of the world’s leading experts are working to help drive innovation for their company.  

A hybrid joint-venture/services structure is put in place which takes into account co-ownership of Intellectual Property developed as part of the R&D process, and can include access to funding to help drive product sales once a commercially viable and scaleable model has been developed and tested with the help of GGT.


Current Graphene Market Spread

– Anti-Bacterial  1%
– Semi-Conductors, Electronics & Optoelectronics 27%
– Aerospace 5%
– Automotive 3%
– Energy (Mainly Battery/Ultracapacitors) 19%
– Marine 1%
– Construction 1%
– Military and Defense 3%
– Medical and Biomedical 2%
– Telecommunications 2%
– Composites 11%
– Aerospace 7%
– Sensors 2%
– Coatings and Paints 7%
– Plastics 3%
– Inks 4%
– Sporting Goods 1%

Graphene is the new wonder material. It was discovered in 2004 by two university professors at The University Of Manchester. It consists of carbon atoms arranged in a perfect hexagonal lattice.  Another structure of carbon is graphite where the carbon atoms are laid out and stacked up in sheets.  If you separate out just one atomic layer of graphite, this is graphene.  Due to it only being one atom thick it has some amazing properties.

– It has now proven to be the strongest material known to mankind, even stronger than its cousin    Diamond.

– Graphene is extremely light

– It conducts electricity and heat better than almost any other material.

– It can stretch up to 20% without losing any strength or conductivity

– It is organic and not harmful to the human body

The possibilities for such a material are endless and are bound to change the world. Everything from instant desalination through to curing cancer is now on our doorstop. Follow this page for updates in the graphene space and how the world is evolving