The GGT Journey

Global Graphene Technologies (GGT) was established in 2015 with the purpose of bridging the gap between underdeveloped Sri Lankan graphite reserves and global supply for high quality crystalline vein graphite.

Acquisition of The Queen’s Mine

In December 2015 GGT acquired a substantial graphite reserve in Sri Lanka (The Queen’s Mine) via the acquisition of RS Mines (Pvt) Ltd.  GGT is currently seeking to acquire further reserves given the forecast increase in global demand and the unique properties of Sri Lankan vein graphite.

In-House Expertise

GGT has established an experienced and forward-thinking core team of mining, graphite, graphene, corporate finance and marketing specialists to develop the company into one of the world’s leading suppliers of vein graphite.

High End Clientelle

GGT works closely with leading corporations, universities and laboratories to understand their graphite and graphene requirements and help them achieve economic benefit from incorporating GGT’s supply of graphite into their product mix.