World’s Leading Source of High Purity Graphite

Global Graphene Technologies (GGT) provides companies seeking to integrate high quality Sri Lankan graphite & graphene into their supply chain with the ability to outsource their research & development to an experienced commercial team of specialists.

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GGT helps companies capitalise on the graphene revolution


Sri Lankan Vein Graphite is known to be the purest and most crystalline natural graphite available.

Global Graphene Technologies mines, processes and supplies Sri Lankan Graphite to labs and research facilities around the globe.

Battery Grade Graphite

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GGT process graphite to the 99.99%+C level required for the anode in todays high performance lithium battery

Graphene Research

Global Graphene Technologies offers research consultations. For some clients this has meant saving years of painful trialing and testing before seeing any results.

E- Commerce Platform

Global Graphene Technologies E-Commerce Platform allows customers to keep up to date and easily purchase graphene products, graphene making equipment, and graphite from across the globe.

Project Management

Major graphene projects such as military and blue-sky require a variety of outsourced graphene solutions.

GGT acts as the facilitator under a Non-Disclosure Agreement allowing the customer to remain anonymous and the project remains discreet.

GGT Has Supplied Graphite To The Following Industry Leaders